We’re a group of filmmakers and concerned citizens who care about the world that we are leaving to our kids.  We’re just like you: looking to make sense of a world that seems to have, well, gone a little “out of whack”. GFC: case in point. Now, we’re using our filmmaking powers to forge a new path.

We began our journey looking for something, someone, a tool, or a technology which could help us create a more compassionate world.  We were soon confronted with the realities: Did the world want to change? Was this a futile quest?  Were we just a bunch of deluded idealists?  Maybe. Then we discovered something cool. Empathy. This was the one thing that held societies together.  Could it be the key to transforming our future? With it, it seems we thrive.  Without it, we rewind and press play on World War 2.  

This film is the first step toward understanding why empathy is so important to our lives - especially at this moment in history. But we can’t do it on our own. We need you on our team.




Kurt Engfehr is an acclaimed, award winning veteran filmmaker best known for his work with Michael Moore on Farenheit 9/11 (2004), Bowling for Colombine (2002), and Michael Moore's Emmy nominated show "The Awful Truth". He is a prolific producer/director/editor whose credits extend to other notable films in the documentary genre including: A League of Ordinary Gentlemen (2004), which won the Audience Award at the 2004 SXSW Film Festival, Seamless (2005) Angelina Jolie's doco directing debut, A Place in Time (2007), Trumbo (2007) which received a BAFTA nomination, America the Beautiful (2007) and Bigger Stronger Faster (2008) and No Manifesto (2009). More recently he directed The Yes Men Fix The World (2009), Fat Sick and Nearly Dead (2010) and is now director of Stand In My Shoes.


Anna is a trans-media specialist known for her innovative communication strategies using multi-platform storytelling integrating film, television, online and social media. Anna has a background in law and business affairs, having worked for Australia’s leading production houses as a brand manager expanding their film and television brands across several platforms delivering significant ROI. She has worked with film directors such as George Miller, Paul Cox and Scott Hicks, and founded several initiatives, such as Strategic Partners – an international co-production program and Fitzroy Shorts, a year long film festival which ran over 4 years. She recently worked as the US Campaign Director and content producer for a high profile worldwide anti-poverty campaign with Hugh Jackman, which raised over $1.6 million for charities/non-profits globally.


Vivienne has worked within the production departments of Australian commercial TV networks for over 20 years and been involved in numerous high-profile productions, such as the Sydney 2000 Olympics for NBC Network. As a creative, she has worked with top New Zealand playwright Roger Hall and the eminent Australian playwright David Williamson. In 2005, Vivienne wrote, directed and acted in a short film which was awarded Best Film in the National Short Black Film Festival. In the National One-Act Play Awards, Vivienne received the awards for Best Actress 2006, Best Director 2007 and Best Play 2008 for her work. She is a passionate advocate for eco-conscious brands and has appeared as a CSR spokesperson for several.


Elizabeth Nakano is a former campaign coordinator and researcher who has spent time in the Office of the Los Angeles City Mayor and at several high-profile US non-profits, including The Getty Research Institute. In 2011, she was the first US campaign coordinator for a highly successful global anti-poverty initiative fronted by Hugh Jackman. Elizabeth is an expert in community management and grassroots-style outreach, having recruited on behalf of a Los Angeles-based organization and having worked as managing editor for the prosocial blog One Simple Ask, during which time she oversaw a team of 12 bloggers and organized interviews with high-profile persons, including a former World Bank senior official and an Emmy Award-winning journalist. A gifted writer, her musings have appeared in various blogs and online publications, among them Blogher. She holds a bachelor's degree with high honors from the University of California, San Diego.


Ahmed Salama is the Creative Director of DLSHS Agency Sydney. He has released some of the world’s most successful online campaigns - including the ‘Free Hugs Campaign’ which gained an audience of hundreds of millions of people all over the world and ranked the #1 most viewed online video in Australia. Most recently he has launched controversial internet viral movie sensation “The Tunnel” – The first movie to be crowd funded and released for free via BitTorrent, iPad, Cinema, DVD and VOD simultaneously. Recently he has received an Australian Directors Guild award nomination for Best director of cross platform and has won the AIMIA award for best use of social media in 2011. He holds a Bachelor’s of Design and Master’s of Design from the University of New South Wales.


Jack is a social media specialist, activist and entrepreneur. After completing a degree of engineering at university, Jack had a stronger passion for development and social change that led to extensive work with non-profits and youth organisations in Australia. Fascinated by people and the mechanisms of social and cultural change, Jack has an insatiable appetite for all things social media and activist movements. Jack’s work has taken him to USA, working on a high-profile global anti-poverty campaign with Hugh Jackman. In 2012, Jack is committed to the journey that Stand In My Shoes will take it’s global audience on

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